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Serial Killer Rants Serial Killer Rants Rated Stars A Moment with a Serial Killer. Comedy - Original Serving the Empire new Serving the Empire new Rated Stars Preview for our next Serving the empire. Comedy - Parody G.I.JEW G.I.JEW Rated Stars G.I.JEW Helps kids with finace. Comedy - Original Bat Insurance Bat Insurance Rated Stars Batman trys to get insurance for the bat mobile. Comedy - Parody PaintShop AngerManagement PaintShop AngerManagement Rated Stars A horribly animated cartoon about an anger management class, and the things they talk abou Comedy - Original Serving the Empire 9 Serving the Empire 9 Rated Stars Jabba's new business venture and meeting Bobba Fett leads to a dark conversation. Comedy - Parody The puzzler 2 preveiw The puzzler 2 preveiw Rated Stars The puzzler gets bothered by chirstians Comedy - Parody Serial killers teaser Serial killers teaser Rated Stars A Teaser for new episodes of Serial Killers are people too. Comedy - Original Serving the Empire 8 Serving the Empire 8 Rated Stars The saga continues with the new season of Serving the Empire. E. T. guest stars! Comedy - Parody Serial killers are people Serial killers are people Rated Stars A sitcom about serial killers and their normal lifestyle outside of work. Comedy - Original Teaser new project Teaser new project Rated Stars A funny trailer for a new project we are working on. Come check it out when its done! Comedy - Parody Serving the Empire 7 Serving the Empire 7 Rated Stars The troopers meet a very important figure in this "season finaly" of this series! Comedy - Parody Paper Doom 2 Paper Doom 2 Rated Stars Tourtured souls from the Doom series have an interesting time in hell! Comedy - Parody Serving the Empire 6 Serving the Empire 6 Rated Stars The Storm Troopers are back again, and meeting new friends. Comedy - Parody Paper Doom Paper Doom Rated Stars Two tourtured souls in the Doom universe looking for a way out, but they are chained up! Comedy - Parody Serving the Empire 4 Serving the Empire 4 Rated Stars The troopers get a unlikely visitor, and realize they have a long lost cousin. Comedy - Parody Serving the Empire 3 Serving the Empire 3 Rated Stars Storm Troopers doing their duty. In this eppisode the troopers meet a Jedi. Comedy - Parody Serving the Empire 2 Serving the Empire 2 Rated Stars Storm Troopers having funny conversations while serving the Empire! Comedy - Parody Serving the Empire 1 Serving the Empire 1 Rated Stars Two Storm Troopers livin' the life of the Empire. Comedy - Parody