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Coming back to NG

2015-09-29 06:10:12 by GuyzwithBongz

We're going to be coming back to NG with some content and ideas. We look forward to a new future here.

Deceptive Studioz

2009-03-03 22:04:01 by GuyzwithBongz

Deceptive Studioz is hard at work bringing you the comedy you love. We are currently working on a new project called "Pleating the 1st" a political documentary, however that doesn't keep us from our cartoons and comedy.

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Deceptive Studioz is hard at work bringing you another episode in the saga. It will be available on our website at Full length and best quality! We are also hard at work bringing you new cartoons for you to enjoy.

Comming Soon!`

2008-05-14 22:18:50 by GuyzwithBongz

New Serving the Empire is on the way. Look for it soon!

Our new projects are coming along nicely. The new Serving the Empire should be finished and up on newgrounds soon. Our other cartoons will be fully featured in better quality on our website once it is complete. We will keep you updated, and thanks for watching!

Serving the Empire Series

2008-01-07 19:04:46 by GuyzwithBongz

We have decied to make our new Serving the Empire series a Newgrounds exclusive! Every new eppisode is going to be uploaded to Newgounds for everyone to enjoy. We, of course, will still put them on our website, but only one eppisode has been put on either myspace or youtube! Lucky you!

Check out more funny videos on our website!

Deceptive Studioz: Guyz with Bongz

2007-12-13 22:13:40 by GuyzwithBongz

Currently we have many things in the making. With very little time, and less money... we are working for you the people. Enough about you tho, now about us: Guyz with Bongz has been around for some time now. We recently decided to pop our heads out for the world to laugh at. Current projects are coming along nicely, and many may land in your favorites before we are done. Some we can tell you about, and others we can't. Just know that your entertainment is at our fingertips!

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